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Fulrath Nutrition & Wellness – Commerical Medical Construction, Sterling IL

Energy Panel Structures

Pre-Engineered Buildings


Structural Insulated Panels join high performance rigid foam insulation to Oriented Strand Board (OSB) of plywood.  The thickness of foam is adjusted to increase R-Value.  As labor sources become scarcer and costs increase in the future, building with Structural Insulated Panels will become the preferred building system.  Exterior and interior facings are shown with standard OSB. CCX plywood is used when laminating aluminum, steel or FRP.  Drywall is field applied as needed.  The first Solid Core type construction was made in 1935 and the buildings are still in use today, nearly 70 years later.


The biggest benefit of Solid Core Design versus stick built is energy efficiency.

  • The EPS (Expanded polystyrene) insulation is solid and does not allow air movement.
  • The EPS resists water whereas batt insulation absorbs water.
  • The stick frame has framing thermal shorts but Structural Insulated Panels don’t.
  • The closed cell panel prevents dust and allergens from penetrating the building.

Let’s look at some more features and benefits of Solid Core Buildings using Structural Insulated Panels.


Framing, insulation and sheathing are combined into one panel and allows builders to frame more projects per year.


Less cutting and fabricating in the field means smaller crews are needed.  There is a huge savings in waste at the job site, as disposal of a Solid Core Building project is measured in number of bags not dumpsters.  SIP’s will also reduce framing and fabrication errors in the field.  Less job site fabrication means improved profits and consistent field costs.  It is much easier to maintain your expected field hours as there are less variables that can go wrong.


Much larger clear spans can be designed over stick built projects using Solid Core Buildings.  The panel loads are distributed over the entire panel due to the continuous bond between the sheathing and rigid insulation.  Eighty foot clear spans with freedom of design are true benefits of the pre-engineered Solid Core Building.


Separate your business from the everyday stick builder.  As you see, SIP’s offer a long list of features and benefits that are far superior to conventional construction.